Money Harmony Awaits You!

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Welcome to Mondays with Money. I’m your host, Marilyn Walker, and this began when I… Sorry this is kind of embarrassing but you see… I began talking to money! Which might not have been all that interesting in and of itself, but then when Money began to talk back…

I soon came to realize that my relationship with Money was perhaps not exactly where I wanted it to be!  Money was a bit flip, making joke after joke, always at my expense.

But instead of running from it, I decided just to keep talking and see what happened. And an entire world opened up. A world where Money could be funny or serious or kind, but was almost never angry or shaming or blaming. It turned out that all those emotions and feelings were coming from me, not from Money at all!

So here I am – Ph.D. in Biology, Executive, former Professor, talking about money, in public! And encouraging you to do the same.

So if you feel like the law of attraction is only bringing you a pittance, or if you’re wondering why your ship came in and it was only a toy boat, if you’ve ever felt that Money and you were perhaps just not meant for each other… I invite you to visit a bit and see if we can’t change some of those attitudes… Perhaps get Money to stay around a bit.

Because here’s what I’ve learned. Money is neutral. And for many people, Money triggers some heavy duty feelings – of anger, shame, guilt, fear, poverty, envy…

What do you think? Is Money friend, enemy, or neither? Do you have enough Money in your life?


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