Money and I begin talking

January 20, 2011

This is a blog about money. But it’s not your typical finance blog, nor is this one of the approximately 15 Brazillion blogs about how to get rich blogging.

It’s a very personal blog about my own relationship with money, and what happened when I began… Well, I hesitate to say that I began talking to money. It wasn’t like that at all. Instead I attended a writer’s luncheon, where we were to learn a journaling technique – the Progoff Technique.

I don’t know if this is how Progoff teaches it at their workshops, but here is what we learned at lunch. Have a conversation – with anything. You can have this written conversation with a person, a thing, an event, an emotion… Whatever you like. Many examples were given including parents (obvious), relationships (obvious), and fear (not obvious). And through doing so you will apparently tap into your own subconscious feelings (?) or insights around this thing.

After a discussion of this, we were to do an exercise – try this type of writing for 5-10 minutes. And it suddenly became very, very clear to me that the conversation I wanted to have was with money. After all, it was only a luncheon. I had only 5 minutes or so.

And what happened was that Money and I – well – we had words! Money was a bit miffed at me. And I was surprised at my own lack of understanding.

And thus was born a new blog, as a platform for my book in progress – Mondays with Money. Who knows what will be revealed here? Money and I are going to continue our conversation in private for a while, but I promise to share tidbits and insights that we discover along the way.

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