Prosperity Prayer Week 1: Surrender

June 26, 2011

We are exploring Lynn Robinson’s Prosperity Prayer over the next 8 weeks. I encourage you to say this prayer out loud, daily, for as long as it takes to truly internalize it.

Dear God —

I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love.

Dear God. A prayer is a request. You are talking to a being, an entity, something or someone with a consciousness. When I write of God, I write of a Higher Power, something much greater than myself. It encompasses the entire, ever-expanding Universe. As part of this Universe, I am connected to this Higher Power.

You must come to peace with the idea that there is a Higher Power in order to truly find peace with money and with yourself. That is my experience and the experience of millions of others. In my own journaling and talking with Money, I have discovered that the following terms are interchangeable: God, Infinite Intelligence, the Universe, and yes, Money. (New readers – do not take offense! I am not saying that Money is a God or is God. I am saying that I have come to realize that is who I am conversing with.)

Start the conversation with whatever salutation works for you. I have a relative who finally came to peace with the idea that “Physics” was a Higher Power than himself, and therefore he could surrender to it.

I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love.

What peace lies in this sentence!

I surrender…

Ironically, the first thing that we must do to let the Universe manifest its magic is to stop trying to control it. This is much, much bigger than us.

…my financial affairs and concerns about money…

Imagine that you are walking with a friend, and you are carrying a bag. Your friend is strong and has two arms. You suddenly realize that you are tired and simply cannot carry the bag any longer. “Here, take this for me,” you would say, without even thinking about it.

Of course, this would be no problem for your friend, who would gladly take your load. Freed from it, you can now carry on.

Now imagine that you have two bags, four bags, eight bags – too many bags! And they are all so very heavy. It doesn’t matter. You can surrender all of them. Give them all over to someone else, who is there for you, who only wants to help.

“I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money…” is giving it to your friend to carry for you. It is too much for you, but no problem whatsoever for God/Infinite Intelligence/the Universe.

…to your Divine care and love.

Ah – now we see that this friend is not ordinary, but is Divine, and caring, and loving! How wonderful to give our burden over to such a loving friend. And our friend is not just loving and caring, but Divine, so therefore always accessible to us, always there for us.

As you say the prayer, create this image in your mind of handing over this heavy burden. It is too much to carry alone, and there is no need. Surrender it to one who is greater and stronger and truly Divine. This being loves you, unconditionally and forever. This God/Infinite Intelligence/the Universe wants to help you be full of joy, always and forever.

Now you can breathe deeply and calmly, for a great weight is off your shoulders. You have turned this over, and you need never worry about it again. Read that again – You need never worry about it again. Worry gets you nowhere, and it is not necessary.

May your day be filled with blessings as you and Money discover each other anew.


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Laura Mixon-Camacho September 15, 2011 at 2:25 am

Hi, I just found you on Twitter and I just want to say “thanks.” I find this post and this prayer so consoling!! I’ll stop by later to dig into your blog. Cheers, Laura


Marilyn Walker September 15, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Thanks for your kind words, Laura! Glad you enjoyed it.


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