Prosperity Prayer Week 5: Release the Negative

July 31, 2011

Today is week five of our 8-week exploration of Lynn Robinson’s Prosperity Prayer. I encourage you to say this prayer out loud, daily, for as long as it takes to truly internalize it. Use these posts as a way to create powerful visualizations of this inspired prayer.

Dear God —

I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love.

I ask that you remove my worries, anxieties and fears about money, and replace them with faith.

I know and trust that my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life.

I have only to look to nature to see proof of the abundance you provide.

I release all negative thoughts about money, and know that prosperity is my true state.

Unless you are truly “money realized”, that is, unless you have done some serious work on your money attitude and your money relationship, you probably have some negative attitudes about money. As a matter of fact, you might have a lot of negative attitudes about money.

Some of these negative attitudes you may be very aware of, and others may be hidden from you. It is not your fault that you have these negative attitudes – terrible things have been done for money! People have been killed, stolen from, tricked, robbed, betrayed, and more. Wars have been fought. The list goes on and on.

You may also have negative attitudes about which you are less aware. You may have been told that there was not enough, that it was money’s fault that you did not get instant gratification all the time. (“We can’t afford that,” is one of the most poisonous phrases around. Make a pact with yourself here and now to never say it again.)

I release” You are letting go of these attitudes, so they cannot stay with you any longer.

“…all negative attitudes about money…” Because you have used the word “all”, you know that you have let all of them go.

You don’t need to uncover or even know all your negative beliefs and attitudes about money to have this prayer work. You are asking that this divine, loving being, this Universe, help you release all of your negative attitudes. With this Being on your side, you can have faith that it will happen.

“…and know that prosperity is my true state.”

Now you not only believe this to be true, you know this to be true – that prosperity is your true state. Prosperity is defined as “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition.” Your true state is to be successful, flourishing, thriving. Take that in, and let it be.

In the first four stanzas of the Prayer, you were focusing on the necessary steps to have complete faith that all would be taken care of. This week, you let go any remaining negative vestiges, and live in certainty that prosperity is your true state.

As you go through this week, keep in mind that prosperity is your true state. Walk, talk, and think like the prosperous person you are. If you find yourself saying, “I can’t afford that,” replace it instead with, “I’m not going to buy that right now.”

You can use this as a “pattern interrupt” to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, if you find yourself thinking, “I never could deal well with cash,” stop yourself and say, “What silly thinking! That’s not like me at all. I have always managed my cash very well.”

This week’s visual focus is on feeling what is happening all around you and taking that in as the prosperous person you are. As you walk around your home, feeling the carpet or wood or tile beneath your feet, focus your thoughts on how that feels against the sensitive bottoms of your feet. Then say to yourself, “This is how the feet of this prosperous person feel.” As you walk around the street and breathe, say to yourself, “This is how breath feels going in and out of this prosperous person.”

Often we think that the sensation of the world would be different if we had some magical amount of money in our bank account. And that might be true, but the thing is, it would not be the money that caused the attitude. It would be the attitude that caused the money to be there.

What if negative thoughts come up for you? What then? You can let them go without worry. You can say to yourself, “Well, look at that. Those negative thoughts are trying to come back in, they are still hanging around. But I let them go. They just don’t get that yet.” Give them no more attention than that.

Now, this week may feel like a big step to you. But it is really only a small step, because you have the Universe/God/Higher Power, which is divine, unconditionally loving, and able to do anything, as your partner. You have turned over all your worries to this being, so there is nothing stopping you now.

Walk through the week as the prosperous person you are, the one who has released all negative thoughts. Experience your amazing life through your new eyes.

May your day be filled with blessings as you and Money discover each other anew.

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