My Vision Quest Vacation

August 24, 2011

Have you ever had one of those times in life where your whole body tingled, where you felt that you were absolutely open to whatever the Universe was about to show you? Yesterday morning I realized that I was in one of those times. I had seen the new manifestation system that I’ve been working on for months suddenly come to life, the very day that I was to leave for a rare “solo” vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina (you can read about my travel ventures here).

Shining Rock wilderness area

The Shining Rock Wilderness area near Brevard NC, a place I fell in love with as a girl. I will hike to Shining Rock on Friday. (Image via Wikipedia)

I’m going to be a bit of a tease here and not tell you exactly how the system works. We have time for that. Right now I’m still in details mode.

Before I left home yesterday, I realized that these 6 days are a Vision Quest. My system, the one I have been working on for so long, has 6 parts. My vacation has 6 days. Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I knew what to do.

Yesterday’s theme was Intention. I learned that:

  • When you are in that space, and you ask for assistance, prepare to be amazed!
  • I have changed careers many times, and all of that together has added up to where I am now. Never beat yourself up for what you have done. It’s all good.
  • Sometimes the lesson is simple – “You are Loved.”

I am so excited now about sharing this system with you! But first I have to complete my Vision Quest. That is clearly important.

Today’s theme is Discovery. Should be interesting! I’ll share more later when I know what happens.

Set out your Intentions for today and see what happens. Then share with us, if you like, or just enjoy the gifts that come your way.

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