What if money were no object?

Flipping a coin

October 22, 2012

I’m not actually suggesting that money is no object, because, after all, this entire blog and site are about money. Money, it turns out, is a Very Big Object for most people. But in this week’s Mondays with Money exercise, I invite you to give the concept a chance, and see what happens.

Try this with every single decision you make. Try it even with your day dreams and your visioning.

What would I do if money were no object? What decision would I make?

Try it for big decisions and small, whenever money is involved, directly or indirectly.

Which coffee would I try?

Which outfit would I buy?

What would I have to eat?

This one – or that one? Which one, if I could choose any, would I pick?

If you are considering a large purchase, such as a car or a house, you may want to journal about this.  Which one would I choose, if money were no object? Would it be the biggest-fastest-strongest-baddest? Or would you discover new qualities that truly matter to you?

There are (at least) two things this game can help you with – you may discover a much better choice and you may heal you relationship with money a bit. Consciously or unconsciously, we often put money at the forefront of our decisions. We may be attracted to something with many bells and whistles that we don’t want. In fact, those bells and whistles may, in the end, stress us out a bit. They are just more things to deal with – to learn, to take care, to manage.

If you make that purchase of something that was not in alignment with your own values and what you really wanted out of the transaction, because you made the choice primarily based on finances, then what happens when you are disappointed/annoyed/overwhelmed/frustrated? Why, at some level, you blame money! Your relationship with money takes a dive.

You may learn that you really want something that is beyond your financial means at this time. Maybe you really do prefer a Ferrari. Maybe a Jaguar is the only car for you. Some of you reading this will reject this exercise altogether, because you don’t want to deal with the gap between what you want and what is financially possible today.

The seed of a desire, born without the trappings of doing something to make a point about money, is an extremely powerful thing! From clear desires, wondrous lives have been carved.

On a personal note, I found this to be a way to lose 5 pounds! I learned that I often made food choices based on finances. This played out, for me, in terms of proving that I was worthy and in terms of using food to pamper myself. When I made food choices based on what my body wanted, based on what I wanted in terms of physical health and fitness, I made very different choices. The true cost of cheap food was weight gain and a loss of self esteem. That’s an expensive outcome from a choice made from the wrong perspective.

Once I shifted perspective, I got a different result.

So try it! What choice would I make, if money were no object?

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