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I’m your host Marilyn Walker, and I started Mondays with Money shortly after I learned a powerful journaling technique that was, for me, life changing. It involves holding a written “conversation”.

Let me emphasize that I am not a financial advisor, and I’m not here to try to sell you financial advice or to dole out financial advice (beyond the most basic things that you probably already know). If you are looking for financial advice or investment advice, there are many places you can get that. What I want to help you with is your money attitude and your money values. I think that until you get those things in alignment, you may find it difficult to seek out good financial advice, or to follow the advice that you do get.

My own experience started with a simple enough luncheon on journaling. We were told to “…just begin conversation with something or someone, and see where it goes. You can start with something as simple as saying hello.” Everyone in the room wrote down very reasonable conversations with their dead parents, dead pets, or with various dead historical figures with whom they had some unfinished business. But not me – oh no! I decided that it was time that I had a good chat with money. And lo and behold… Money talked back.

As I continued to write, way beyond the luncheon, filling a blank book with my conversation, I came to realize that my relationship with Money was perhaps not exactly where I wanted it to be! Money was a bit flip, making joke after joke, always at my expense.

But instead of running from this, I decided just to keep talking and see what happened. And an entire world opened up. A world where Money could be funny or serious or kind, but was almost never angry or shaming or blaming. It turned out that all those emotions and feelings were coming from me, not from Money at all!

So here I am – Ph.D. in Biology, Executive, former Professor, talking about money, in public! And encouraging you to do the same. Or at the very least, encouraging you to begin your own conversation with money.

So if you feel like the law of attraction is only something you heard about in physics class, or if you’re wondering why your ship came in and it was only a toy boat, if you’ve ever felt that Money and you were perhaps just not meant for each other… I invite you to visit a bit and see if we can’t change some of those attitudes… Perhaps get Money to stay around a bit.

Because here’s what I’ve learned. Money is neutral. And for many people, Money triggers some heavy duty feelings – of anger, shame, guilt, fear, poverty, envy…

What do you think? Is Money friend, enemy, or neither? Do you have enough Money in your life? If you’re even the slightest bit interested in understanding money better, I think you may find something of value here, regardless of where your bank account sits today.

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