There are no coincidences! I believe that life is truly perfect, and that the Universe will attend to our needs.

In that vein, the ideas, exercises, experiences on these pages come from the sum of my life experience. Where I can definitely say that I have been influenced or inspired by a particular source – a book or a blog – I have listed that source here.

If you are sincere about your desire to change your financial situation, to alter your money relationship, then I recommend that you read as many of these sources as you can. Start now, and don’t give up until you have reached your goal!

Books About Money and Financial Success

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Money Stuff – Larry Winget
Money Harmony – Olivia Mellan
How to Achieve Total Prosperity – Mark Victor Hansen

Books About Personal Success
Success is an Inside Job – Lee Milteer
The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz
The Fifth Agreement – Don Miguel Ruiz

Blogs and Websites About Money and Success
Lee Milteer’s Untamed Success

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